• Our research solutions provide clients with results that demonstrates their knowledge and expertise in their marketplace

We provide research that is focused on delivering maximum value for PR campaigns and marketing strategy

Research for PR Value

Senior Level Interviews

At Coleman Parkes, we have a long heritage of being able to reach genuinely senior decision makers: over 75% of our studies gain insights from Senior or C-level executives. By speaking to the people that make the decisions, we can generate really impactful insights and headlines

Thought Leadership

Genuine thought leadership is rare; but by helping our clients ask the right questions, we can provide research that allows them to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in their marketplace and provide thought-provoking headlines. Clients can own a technology and drive increased brand reputation.

Message Testing

By asking (potential) customers to evaluate different messages, we can identify which resonate most – so companies can hit the right notes with different target audiences.

Attitude and awareness

What is your brand awareness amongst different target groups? What do those people think of your brand? And how satisfied are current customers? How do you compare with your nearest competition? All critical questions to be asking yourself.

Research for Marketing Strategy

Market Sizing/Scoping

Looking at the dynamics of a market to analyse its potential to an organisation. This enables clients to make sound market investment decisions based on potential volumes, sales and profitability.

Marketing campaign development

Covering a range of areas from understanding your target audience, determining the most appropriate media to connect with them and the messages that are most likely to resonate

Win/Loss Analysis

It is natural when losing a piece of business to a competitor to wonder what you could have done differently. Our research can help you to identify why you are losing projects and what you can do to have a better success rate. Just as importantly, we can also identify why you have won jobs: to ensure those lessons are learnt and shared around the business. It is not always about price!

Competitor analysis

Our research can help you gain a thorough understanding of the market and your competitors (and potential competitors), highlighting their strengths and weaknesses and allowing you to develop the most appropriate strategy to exploit opportunities and guard against threats.

Product development

Research is critical through different stages of the product development lifecycle, to ensure the product meets the desired needs and requirements of the target customers and to optimise success at launch. Our research helps refine and tailor development plans before committing to expensive product development costs

Focused on delivering analysis for better decision making


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