• We have the expertise to conduct quantitative and qualitative research across all sectors and verticals globally in any language

Coleman Parkes Research has the skills and experience to conduct effective quantitative or qualitative research on a global scale


Telephone interviews

We conduct telephone interviews with senior level decision makers and other hard to reach audiences globally of any size of business. Language is no barrier and Coleman Parkes is known for conducting telephone interviews across a multitude of different languages. Annually we complete over 15,000 detailed telephone interviews.

Online interviews

We have global reach with all our online studies covering all sectors and verticals. We target senior level decision makers and consumers and ensure all our questionnaires are translated to local languages. We complete over 50,000 online interviews in any one year.


Qualitative Research

We conduct qualitative, deep dive research with senior individuals in companies of all sizes from small retailers to large IT consultancies. This type of research helps flesh out new areas, get a deeper understanding of the whys? Hows? and so whats? This depth of understanding also provides detailed verbatim quotes that can add greater rigour to your thought leadership pieces and whitepaper reports. Qualitative research typically takes two forms (but more are undertaken)

In depths

One to one interviews with senior level individuals to understand areas such as why new trends are occurring either face-to-face or on the telephone.

Focus groups

Get the group’s opinion on a policy, trend, product, service or brand.


Analytic tools

We offer a suite of analytical tools to help our clients get the most out of their data. But what is most important unlike many other organisation, we provide the results in a business context for easy decision making. We offer tailored solutions and standard techniques based on the scope and objectives of the study

Significance testing

Identify what a percentage shift in the data means for your business


Create audiences and personas based on attitudes, needs and behaviours. Essential for appropriate messaging.

Conjoint / PAIRWISE

Determine the optimal bundle of services, products and features that appeal most to your audience

Driver analysis

Know how to drive performance in KPIs e.g. awareness, advocacy purchase and consideration

Express: fast information tools

B2B Express

Quick and cost effective way to gain thought leadership insights yet still benefit from Coleman Parkes’ expertise in question creation and data analysis!

Targeting IT decision makers or business decision makers in SMB and enterprise companies across the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, India and China. Turnaround time is 4 days (150 sample) or 5 days (300 sample) at a fixed price!

PR Express

Target audience decision makers across a range of organizations from SMBs to Enterprise Companies (mix of verticals) globally including APAC. Turnaround time is 4 days (150 sample) or 5 days (300 sample) at a fixed price!

Great for:

  • Headline generation

  • News hijacking

  • Supporting new business pitches

  • Small or emerging clients with limited campaign budget costs

  • “Ruin the reprint” campaigns against competitors

  • Quick message testing

  • Benchmarking

Experts in B2B and B2C quantitative and qualitative research


  • AWS
  • Wipro
  • HP Invent
  • SAS
  • Capgemini
  • Amdocs
  • MBD
  • Harvard
  • Brands2Life

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UK Office

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